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Back From The Dead October 23, 2013

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As you may have noticed (or not) I have been away for a looooooong time. I have missed being here with you, but it was important that I stay away for a while. Ok, maybe half the time. The other half, I’ll admit, was pure procrastination and indulging in busy-lazy thinking. I have no time, I have no energy, if only this, if only that, and so on and so forth. Before I knew it I was so far gone that I couldn’t find my way back.


During this time, many things have happened, many things have changed and some lessons have been learned. As I resume blogging again, it is my intention to share with you some of those lessons and to live my life in the truest way I know how each moment. Blogging helps me do that and that is why I am back. It’s been too hard to do it without the blogging.


The biggest change that’s happened is that I have moved on from Copenhagen and am now living in London. It happened in February. I will share what sparked the move in a future post. But the last eight months have been very much about settling into my new life with my family in our new home. Now we are all used to our new environment and, though I cannot say that the transition is over, life has taken on a comfortable rhythm. We love London for all its diversity and opportunities, though we do miss many things about Copenhagen.


Naturally, being in London is good news for my hair. I can’t say that I have taken advantage of that yet, though. And that is all I am going to say about that for now.


As I prepared to leave Copenhagen I wondered about the relevance of continuing to write this blog. Would it make sense to write a blog called Copenhagen Hair while sitting in London? Would it be honest? I had, as I like to do, a long internal debate with myself about it and decided in the end that it would be both relevant and honest. In fact, it is important, not only to continue blogging but to keep the name, in honor of the place that gave me back to myself. Copenhagen wasn’t easy. It was a place where I came up against many closed doors and straight jackets attempting to fit me in. It was restrictive but that restriction was what created the space for me to look at myself in a way that I hadn’t done before, with a depth I had not managed until then. It forced me to. There was nothing else left to do. There was only me and an open field of hostility – or possibility – depending on how I chose to look at it. I did eventually choose the latter and it has led me to where I am. To where I am going. I will forever be grateful to the city of Copenhagen for that.


7 Responses to “Back From The Dead”

  1. Lwsinha MC Says:

    Welcome back!
    Can’t wait to read the rest of your adventures.

  2. Erik Says:

    Nice, good to have you back in the blogosphere!

  3. bininha79 Says:

    Ganhastes uma seguidora 😘

  4. Isa Says:

    Ah, how nice to hear from you :-) I’m so glad that you have decided to start blogging again, I love reading your stuff! Let’s chat soon, I miss you. Grosses bises.

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